The Urban FarmerThe Urban Farmer
By Curtis Stone
Written by BC urban farmer Curtis Stone, The Urban Farmer is a comprehensive, hands-on, practical manual to help you learn the techniques and business strategies you need to make a good living growing high-yield, high-value crops right in your own backyard (or someone else’s).



The Urban Farm Handbook:Urban Farm Handbook
City-Slicker Resources for Growing, Raising, Sourcing, Trading, and Preparing What You Eat
By Annette Cottrell, Joshua Mcnichols
In this comprehensive guide for city-dwellers on how to wean themselves from commercial supermarkets, the authors map a plan for how to manage a busy, urban family life with home-grown foods, shared community efforts, and easy yet healthful practices. More than just a few ideas about gardening and raising chickens, The Urban Farm Handbook uses stories, charts, grocery lists, recipes, and calendars to inform and instruction.



The Market Gardener
By Jean-Martin Fortier
A successful grower’s handbook for small-scale organic farming.



The Lean Farm51dPSr8HjBL._SX348_BO1,204,203,200_
By Ben Hartman
Taking skills learned on his own farm in Indiana, and lessons learned from other industries, Ben Hartman, in his recently published book The Lean Farm, shows you how to work smarter, not harder. This books takes a practical, systems based approach to implementing practices at every step of farm production, for a more economically and environmentally sustainable farm. If you are looking for a great way to cut waste and increase profits, this book is a great resource.


Sharing the Harvest, Revised and Expanded
A Citizen’s Guide to Community Supported Agriculture
By Elizabeth Henderson, Robyn Van En
“To an increasing number of American families the CSA (community supported agriculture) is the answer to the globalization of our food supply. The premise is simple: create a partnership between local farmers and nearby consumers, who become members or subscribers in support of the farm. In exchange for paying in advance—at the beginning of the growing season, when the farm needs financing—CSA members receive the freshest, healthiest produce throughout the season and keep money, jobs, and farms in their own community.”
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The Stop: How the Fight for Good Food Transformed a Community and Inspired a Movement
By Nick Saul and Andrea Curtis
“It began as a food bank. It turned into a movement. In 1998, Nick Saul became executive director of The Stop, then a little urban food bank. Since that time, The Stop has undergone a radical reinvention…In telling the remarkable story of The Stop’s transformation, Saul and Curtis argue that we need a new politics of food, one in which everyone has a dignified, healthy place at the table.
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The Intelligent Gardener
By Steve Solomon with Erica Reinheimer
“Vegetables, fruits and grains are a major source of vital nutrients, but centuries of intensive agriculture have depleted our soils to historic lows. As a result, the broccoli you consume today may have less than half the vitamins and minerals that the equivalent serving would have contained a hundred years ago…This practical step-by-step guide and the accompanying customizable web-based spreadsheets go beyond organic and are essential tools for any serious gardener who cares about the quality of the produce they grow.”
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